Your questions and creative workshop info

Q: Why's it called Kidcrafters?

A: Because it's about helping people craft, shape and direct the kids in their care to realise their full potential. It's not about kids who craft, though they probably do. It felt a bit more cuddly and fresher than most of the other names we could think of in the little time we had to do it. 

Q: Are children allowed?

A: Ironically we're keen to give parents a bit of time to think, talk and share with as few distractions as possible so we're asking for no children other than quietish babies in arms in the theatre and hope that makes sense. We're parents. It makes sense to us but have a creative creche/workshops for people who need it.

Q: Will there be a creche?

A: We will be offering limited places in creative workshops as below that parents can enjoy with their children. This is not a drop off creche.

Q: What food will be available

A: No refreshments are included in the price. The RI cafe will be open and we'll have tea and coffee in breaks at reasonable prices £1/£1.50 breaks. Well priced (£2.25 sandwiches will be available and there's a Pret/Sainsburys down the road if it runs out.

You can bring your own food but we ask you dispose of rubbish/clean up any mess.

Q: Will we be filming it?

A: Yes, the event is being filmed by Google+ for a Youtube Kidcrafters parenting channel. If you really want to support the event, do feel free to make a donation at the Eventbrite page here.

Q: Will there be another?

A: We didn't set out for it to be an ongoing thing, just to share what we'd come across. But the interest was been phenomenal bu w elost a lot of money so please support us by making a donation here or sponsoring a future event.


Creative workshops

We are running a number of creative workshops for children aged 5-11 across cartooning, coding, animation, electronics and Minecraft that parents can enjoy with their children. Plus the Ri museum will be open which is an inspiration in itself. We were hoping to offer a Lego workshop but we weren't able to get it in time.

logo animation.jpg


Learn how to create your own stop motion animations on iPads with Gavin Molloy.

logo scratch.jpg


Have a go at coding computer games in Scratch.


Don't be too shocked by Technology Will Save Us's electrical putty

Ri quz

Complete the quiz sheet by exploring Faraday's laboratory in the basement. 


Learn the art of drawing the Horrible Science Series with Tony De Saulles


Get together to create our own world

STOP PRESS: Voucher codes for free tickets to our creative workshops have been released to people who already bought tickets. By all means enter details below and if this changes we'll email on a first come first served basis. Enter your details below if you want to register for workshops and we'll send you a code if any places are left.

Please note these are not all expert led - we didn't have time or budget to arrange that, all children must be accompanied by and work with their parent/adult in the workshops.

You might look after both of your own children or double up with another family or take turns with your partner and make a family day of it? We're trying to borrow equipment but you might have to bring a laptop or tablet.

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Which creative creche would you be interested in?

Workshop information (emailed to all ticket purchasers 9th May)

We just wanted to update you on the plan regarding the creative workshops for Kidcrafters this Sunday.
Managing expectations
The intention behind these is not to provide a full drop off service as we didn’t have the time or budget to make that happen, the day is primarily about the talks but we were keen to help people who couldn’t get childcare and wanted to make a day of it.
It’s more to allow families to come along and provide some structured activities that one parent can engage in with the children while the other parent is in the talks.
The Ri is a very special, precious building and children must be accompanied at all times while in the workshops. Parents are responsible for any damage their children may cause, however it is caused.
The activities
The activities are for children aged between 5 and 11 and are as follows:

  • Cartooning – Tony de Saulles, illustrator of the Horrible Science series will run there one hour workshops during the day on cartooning
  • Coding – we have 10 Google Chromebooks on which children and their parents will be able to work through programming activities using Scratch
  • Animation – we will have one or two animation workshops with Gavin Molloy
  • Ri quiz – we will have quiz sheets that children can use to explore the Ri’s museum
  • Electronics – our friends at Technology Will Save Us are setting up an electronics activity for the day
  • Creative zone – we will have a few materials and activities that parents and their children can engage in
  • Minecraft – we will be setting up a Minecraft server and all the children in the Ri will have the opportunity to create a world together. N.B: you must bring your own laptop/Minecraft account for this activity. It would be nice to see people sharing with others who don’t’ have/can’t bring a laptop. We’re hoping a very special guest may be able to join us in our world from LA.

e hope this will work for you. As we say we did not have the time or budget to do more and hope you do not feel misled.

Even though the event currently looks like it is going to make a significant loss, we are not going to charge for these activities as we don’t want any complaints to add to the headache!
If you do think they were worth it you might want to make a donation after the event via the ticket website.
If you really want to help us, do forward this sponsor proposal ( ) to any family friendly people/companies you know to become one of our official ‘supporters’. An £800 sponsorship will enable us to release 30 more ticket to lo/no paid families.
Please remember this is a grass roots event so please be gentle with us especially on social media. We won’t even have many staff to complain to if you aren’t happy and tweets. We’ll send round  a feedback form after the event as we really do want to know what you think.
To register for the workshops please complete this 8 question survey at the end you will be given a booking discount code
Go back to the booking site here: and enter the promotional discount code which will magically give you a 100% discount on the £100 ticket price!
Apply for as many workshop child and workshop parent ticket as you need.
On the day
When you arrive on the day (we will open at 9.00 am for registration) you will be asked to register for two activities initially . In the first coffee break you will be able to apply for more if available. It will be first come first served
Please note that this workshop parent code will not give you access to the talks in the theatre, you must buy talks tickets to enter those.
We hope this works.
Please continue to bear with us.
And do please like share us, spread the word and bring others along. It’s going to be a truly inspirational day for all.
Thanks… Nick

P.S: If you have already registered for workshop tickets after an email yesterday because you pre registered on the website you do not need to reapply.