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Opening address

Kidcrafters co-creator Nick Corston kicks things off.

10:00 Education

Keynote: Raising Braves: Education for a Tricky World 

Prof Guy Claxton : Centre for Real-World Learning at the University of Winchester

Globally acclaimed and author of over 20 books, Guy will argue  that it's not happiness or well-being that children need, it's finding out what they want to be great at, and how to pursue that dream. Schools can teach that - and get better grades at the same time. And parents can help.

Designing a school around questions and more questions.

Paul Phillips : Gladstone Free School

As principal designate of an innovative free school to be, Paul will share perspectives around the opportunity of starting a school from scratch, looking at new learning styles and their approach to whole child learning?

How would you design a school?

Graham Brown-Martin : Ed Labs

What is school for? With several decades looking at new learning approaches and a world tour interviewing some of the world's biggest thinkers, Graham will attempt to answer that question and think about how we should design one.

How homeschooling works for us

Sarah Eaton: Mum

How bulling and unhappy children led this already busy mother of five to take her son out of the school system for two years, and the effect it had.

Education Q&A

11:30 Technology

Keynote: A digital native's view of screens, games and gadgets

Dan Tomlinson : The Observer    

A roller coaster overview from the teenage tech correspondent of The Observer newspaper, who found refuge and self esteem from endless bullying by learning to code and will answer the questions you daren't ask your own kids.

Minecraft - creative or crack?

Simon De Deny : Dad

Simon is passionate about the creative benefits of the most successful, yet highly addictive games in the world that is in just about every household. Hear how it fits into his family.

Teach your kids to code not just consume computer games.

Stef Lewandowski : Makeshift

Stef runs hackfests and is well placed to give you a quick overview of coding, robotics and Raspberry Pi. In a 5 minute demo, he'll show you how to show your kids how to create their own games from scratch in Scratch.

Should you manage screen time - the big debate.

Kate Jangra : Mum  v  Matthew Karas : Dad

Matthew gives his children unfettered access, saying you wouldn't restrict their book reading time. Who's right?

Kate tries her hardest to keep technology out of her home and her children's lives as she passionately believes it has a detrimental effect on a young mind.

Screentime - is there a healthy diet?

Dr Omar S Moghraby : Child psychiatrist

With children of all ages watching more screen media, at a much earlier age, than ever before, Omar will give his thoughts about whether the amount of time they spend in front of screens should be curbed to stave off developmental and health problems?

Technology Q&A

1:30 Creativity

Keynote:  Understanding and inspiring creativity in kids.

Steve Vranakis, dad and top creative at Google

To many people creativity is nicely ticked off in an arts and crafts session but here we'll think big and broad and look it across the widest spectrum from art to tech, with a healthy mashup of both. 

Imagination Is Priceless

Tom Morley : Eco Toy Box

The world's most popular toy is a stick, the second most popular toy is a cardboard box. In this session Tom asks why that is and how you can inspire your children's imagination.

Bringing the community together to inspire kids with creativity

Nick Corston : STEAM dad

A look at how a unique collaboration of creatives, parents, teachers and the local community has given primary school children a school day like no other, inspiring them with creativity across the STE(A)M subjects and the launch of a new venture, STEAM Co to get it into every primary school in the UK.

The value of drawing with your children

Tony De Saulles : Horrible Science Series illustrator

Tony is on a mission to encourage parents who don't think they're creative to experiment and experience getting creative with their children through drawing. And he'll teach you both.

Getting kids making things and doing stuff

Amy Solder : NESTA

Encouraging kids to create and not just consume is critical. Amy will give an overview of maker culture, dabbling with electronics and 3D printers through the NESTA Make Things, Do Stuff initiative.

Get your kids animated through animation

Gavin Molloy : Get Smart

Planning, storytelling, production and play - what child wouldn't want and benefit from some of that? Gavin will show how easily you can get your kids into animation on free apps using materials from around the house.

Creativity Q&A

3:00 Skills 

Keynote: Anyone for 'Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting'

Noel Janis-Norton : Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting Centre 

Noel believes in giving practical solutions to everyday family issues. Today she will be talking about Descriptive Praise, the most effective skill parents can use to guide children to become more cooperative, confident, motivated, self-reliant and considerate.

Inspiring our kids to tell more and better stories.

Vincent Kamp : Robotslayer

Understand the importance of getting children to tell their own stories and hear how Vincent built an 8 foot robot to get his kids to sit up and listen to his.

Smart time working to juggle busy work and family lives.

Amelia Torode : Mum

Do you think smart time or part time? The world of work no longer needs to run on a traditional and old-fashioned Monday-Friday model. After all, families don't.

Getting inspired by ideas, innovation and ambition

Nico Macdonald : Dad

London provides the perfect platform for educating and entertaining kids. Nico will share some diverse ways in which he tries to - but doesn't always succeed in - engage his kids. And he will share some ideas about how parents can better share ideas with each other.

Bringing stories to life as experiences

Valerie Coward : Grimm Tales

The challenge of competing for a child's attention against computer games and Hollywood blockbusters has never been greater. As its producer, Val will tell the story of Grimm Tales, a unique immersive theatre production that completely envelopes its young audience.

Skills Q&A


Event co-creator Nick Corston wraps it all up and thanks the speakers and our sponsors, without whom the event really wouldn't have happened.

Anybody wanting to sponsor future events should get in touch by email.