If you ever wonder and worry about being a parent: the education choices, how to manage the screen time in your family, look for creative ideas, want to do your best and maybe make a difference then this might be good use of a Spring Sunday.

The day will be of most interest to pre and primary schoolers because by the time you’re at secondary it’s probably too late. Yes really!



Kidcrafters is a bunch of talks; a gathering of parents and a few people who, like mum, might just know best. We'll all be sharing experiences and inspiration to help us do our best, because you only get one chance bringing up generation tomorrow.

Through a day of 5, 10 and 20 minute talks and a few open discussions/Q&A’s we’ll look at various angles on what being a parent today could be like if you had time to stop and think about it.



With the help of some very special friends, the day has been conceived by Nick Corston, a dad of young two sons who blinked one day and found one of them was off to secondary. And he thought his turn at being a parent had only just started!

Fortunately, a career break gave him chance to stop and look around and see a few options and things he could do. He was quite taken by some of the stuff he found and had time to do and has staged this day to share some of that and build on it.

He’ll be listening as hard as your will on the day.



It is not a geek day or an academic gathering of big thinkers (though we’ll have a few of them) but a forum for real world, feet on the ground parents who are interested, and probably interesting.

A byte size slice of some of what’s going on, a live magazine but not a sales pitch.